There Is A Face I Long To See

There is a face I long to see,
The face of him who died for me,
Who gave his life on Calvary,
Jesus, my Lord.

Face to face I soon shall see him,
Face to face with Christ, my King;
Face to face to see and know him,
Jesus, my Lord.

O could I but behold the grace
That sparkles in his lovely face,
‘Twould make this world a heav’nly place
Unto my soul. [Chorus]

Well, I may see him, if I will;
His love may all my bosom fill;
And he will journey with me still,
If I desire. [Chorus]

When I shall end my earthly race,
I will behold him face to face,
A monument of saving grace,
Forevermore. [Chorus]