There Is A Fountain Flowing Free That Wa

There is a fountain flowing free,
That washes white within;
And all who will may surely be
Made free from every sin.

It washes whiter than the snow,
Yes, whiter than the snow;
Come, sinner, plunge into it now,
‘Twill wash you white as snow.

The saints of old rejoiced to know
This fountain’s cleansing pow’r;
And yet it’s full to overflow
To save and cleanse this hour. [Refrain]

Thy stains of crimson it will purge,
Defilement cannot stay;
The Spirit and the bride now urge
That thou shouldst not delay. [Refrain]

Come, plunge into this fountain now,
Sin not your life away;
Perform your oft repeated vow,
And come to Christ today. [Refrain]