There Is A Fountain Flowing Free With Br

There is a fountain flowing free,
With bright and crimson sheen;
‘Twas opened in King David’s time,
To make the sinner clean.

This fountain opened in David’s time,
Still flows with grace divine;
And whosoever will enter in,
Shall be saved and cleansed from sin.

On Calvary’s brow the Savior bled,
For you, His life He gave;
He bore the sins of all the world,
And from all sins doth save. [Refrain]

Come, sinner, come, your sins confess,
And let this fountain roll;
With cleansing power the crimson tide
Will wash and make you whole. [Refrain]

I come, O Lord, with contrite heart,
I all my sins forsake;
I plead Thy promise, trust Thy Word,
I now my Savior take. [Refrain]