There Is An Army Brave And Loyal

There is an army brave and loyal,
Marching unto the battle royal;
Into the country of the enemy advancing,
They are not content to guard the right;
But marching on in columns steady,
Marching with weapons drawn and ready,
Where’er the host of sin and evil are entrenched,
They mean to force the fight.

Marching against the hosts of evil,
Where sin abounds, boldly the land they invade,
Marching along to fight for Jesus,
Strong in His strength, onward they go undismayed;
Marching against the pow’rs of darkness,
Forcing the fight wherever sin lurks in the shadows;
Marching along right valiantly,
They are striving faithfully
To rid the world of sin.

Earnest and true, they never falter,
Nothing their faith or zeal can alter;
In their Redeemer’s strength to conquest they are going;
They would save the world from shame and blight.
Marching along with gleaming lances,
Ever the conq’ring line advances,
Eager to meet the hosts off darkness, and against them
Wave a winning fight. [Refrain]

Full of the hope which right engenders,
Steady and true like staunch defenders,
Marching against the foes that vainly strive and threaten,
They the enemies of God would smite.
Valiant and strong to do His bidding,
Bravely the land from evil ridding,
Until the victory is certain, they with courage
Will keep up the fight. [Refrain]