There Is No One So Friendless

There is not one so friendless the Lord will forsake,
And leave all alone to despair;
‘Neath his pinions of love his dear children he’ll take,
And give them a kind Father’s care.

There is no prayer so faint that the Lord cannot hear,
No whisper but reaches his throne;
Though broken the words, still they fall on his ear,
He heedeth the cry of his own.

There is no burdened heart that the Lord doth not know,
And sweet is the comfort bestowed;
His eye full of pity can see all its woe,
He lightens the weight of the load.

There is no path so thorny the Lord cannot guide,
He knoweth each step of the way;
The kind Shepherd leadeth his sheep by his side,
And feeds in green pastures each day.