There Is Rapture Tonight In Yon City So

There is rapture tonight in yon city so fair,
Where the river of life floweth free;
And a touch of the joy that is ringing up there,
Falleth softly on you and on me.

There is joy in the presence of angels tonight,
There is rapture to mortals untold;
For the Father and Shepherd in heaven rejoice,
Over one who returns to the fold.

We can fancy we hear the sweet anthem of joy,
That the angels are singing tonight;
For we know that the low-lands of earth have a place,
In the thoughts of the dwellers in light. [Refrain]

They must watch us with pitying love in their eyes,
As in sin and in sorrow we stray;
For we know there is rapturous joy in the skies,
When a lost one returns to the Way. [Refrain]

For the Master hath lifted the veil from our eyes,
And our faith-strengthen’d vision discerns
How the heavenly city is thrilling with joy,
Over one who repents and returns. [Refrain]