There Is Rest For The Weary If Rest They

There is rest for the weary, if rest they will seek,
There is cheer for the lonely and strength for the weak;
There is pardon and blessing and endless reward,
There is perfect salvation in Jesus, the Lord.

Will you come? will you come to the Lord?
Will you come? will you come?
Oh, ye souls that have seen him revealed in his word!
Will you come? will you come?

There is sight for the blinded and care for the ill,
There is balm for the wounded–be healed if you will;
There is zest for your labors and sweetness in rest,
There is all that is purest, and dearest, and best. [Refrain]

There is peace for the troubled and freedom for slaves,
There is hope for the hopeless and light upon graves;
Oh, hear the glad message and heed its sweet call!
There is room and a welcome with Jesus for all. [Refrain]