There Is Sanctifying Power

There is sanctifying power,
Like a sweet, refreshing shower,
Waiting for each consecrated heart;
Power to cleanse us from all sin,
Power to keep us pure within,
Power for service which He will impart.

I’m so glad, I’m so glad
For this saving, sanctifying power!
Waves of glory o’er me roll,
Peace abides within my soul,
I’m so glad for this sanctifying power!

I’m so glad it reaches me,
All unworthy tho’ I be,
Overcoming grace made freely mine.
Since the Comforter abides,
And within my heart resides,
I am walking in the light divine. [Refrain]

This God’s will for you and me,
That we sanctified should be,
Dwelling in this land of plenteousness.
Fling your doubts and fears aside;
Boldly cross the Jordan’s tide,
And your heritage in Christ possess. [Refrain]

Songs of praises let us sing
To our blessed Lord and King
For this great salvation rich and free:
Every needed grace supplied,
Every longing satisfied,
Saved for time and for eternity. [Refrain]