There Is Something On Earth For The Chil

There is something on earth for the children to do,
For the child that is striving to be
Like the One who once murmured in accents of love,
“Let the little ones come unto me.”

There is something to do, there is something to do,
There is something for children to do;
On this earth here below, filled with sin and with woe,
There is something for children to do.

There are sweet winning words to the weary and sad,
By their glad, loving lips to be said;
There are hearts that are waiting, by some little hand
Unto Jesus the Lord to be led. [Refrain]

There are lessons to learn both at home and at school,
There are battles to fight for the right;
There’s a watch to be kept over temper and tongue,
And God’s help to be asked day and night. [Refrain]

There are miles to be given, kind deeds to be done,
Gentle words to be dropped by the way;
For the child that is seeking to follow the Lord,
There is something to do every day. [Refrain]