There Shall Be No More Sea In That Land

There shall be no more sea in that land, I am told,
Where the walls are of jasper and streets are of gold;
Yet, as o’er the wild waves of life’s conflict I’m tossed,
I still wonder, sometimes, if my soul shall be lost.
But although there are mysteries dark and unknown,
I am sure, in their midst I shall not be alone,
For that One who on earth lived a life without stain,
Shall be close to my side to make everything plain.

I shall stand in the storm but a little while,
For the Master has said to me
That I soon shall be tasting the pleasures sweet
Of that land where there is no sea.

He shall tell me the reason He carried away
That sweet angel whose smile added light to the day-
The pure child that went out from the reach of earth’s wrong,
Lured away by the music of heavenly song.
And that mother, who went from her labor away,
When her hair, by the weight of earth’s crosses grew gray,
I shall find in that land sweet with flowers from life’s tree,
Tho’ now hidden from view by death’s cold, cruel sea. [Refrain]

Oh, I wonder, sometimes, why God takes from my heart
Those dear friends from whose love ’tis heart-crushing to part;
But He speaks through the storm: Trust and soon you shall see
That I’ve called them to do nobler service for Me.
Yes, life here has its conflicts and mysteries deep,
And the sorrows of life make the heart often weep;
But when all have rolled by, in that land I shall be,
Where in raptures of joy I shall know no more sea. [Refrain]