There Was A Hungry One

There was a hungry one, fainting for bread,
Who passing the doorway, by thy hand was fed;
Many a selfish one paid him no heed,
But thou in thy thoughtfulness gave to his need.

And thus the Savior says to thee;
“Ye therefore did it unto me,”
Ye did it unto me,
Ye did it unto me;
And thus the Savior says to thee,
“Ye therefore did it unto me.”

There was a shiv’ring one, out on the world,
With only vain tatters ‘twixt her and the cold;
Thou gavest garments warm, hush’d her faint cry,
Nor left her in wretchedness, lonely, to die. [Chorus]

There was a tempted one, going astray,
Whom often thou sawest while passing thy way;
Borne down by weight of wrong, thou gavest aid,
Of thy name so spotless thou wert not afraid. [Chorus]

There was a dying one, weary and lone,
Whose life bark was drifting into the unknown;
Thy hand threw out to him over the wave,
The strong rope of faith which only can save. [Chorus]