There Was One Came To Die

There was One came to die in the sinner’s stead,
Who the fullness of grace brought to view;
He is coming again, Judge of quick and dead,
And I love His appearing, don’t you?

I love His appearing, I do, (don’t you?)
The glad day is nearing, ’tis true;
He will take us on high
Where the saints cannot die;
I love His appearing, don’t you?

Then the children of light who in Jesus sleep,
Will awake, by His word formed anew;
O this hope in my heart groweth strong and deep,
And I long to be like Him, don’t you? [Refrain]

All creation has groaned in the thralls of pain,
While the faithful, the valiant and true;
Cry, O merciful Christ! take Thy pow’r and reign,
For they look for His kingdom, don’t you? [Refrain]

Then the heavens shall melt at their Maker’s voice,
And the earth shall be fashioned anew;
At the glorious tho’t how the saints rejoice!
For they know He is coming, don’t you? [Refrain]