There Will Be A Glad Reunion By And By

There will be a glad reunion by and by,
Severed hearts will be united soon on high;
Friend with friend again shall meet,
Joy and gladness be replete
In that land where sorrow never dims the eye.

O the glad reunion by and by,
O the glad reunion by and by,
God shall wipe away all tears from ev’ry eye,
At the glad reunion by and by.

Brightly gleams this Star of hope when suns go down,
Ev’ry child of God shall wear a starry crown;
Here we labor and we pray,
Here our treasures fade away,
But up yonder waiteth honor and renown. [Refrain]

We can almost see that bright and shining land,
Where the children of the King in glory stand;
Where with raptured hearts they sing
Of their Savior, Lord and King,
Who redeemed and led them onward by His hand. [Refrain]