Theres A Battle Raging In The Heavenly P

There’s a battle raging in the heav’nly places,
Sin and death and sickness with Satan leading on:
With the hosts of earth and hell arrayed against us,
How in all our weakness shall the fight be won?

Jesus giveth us the victory,
He who overcame on Calvary,
Overcomes again in you and me.
Hallelujah! Jesus gives the victory!

Faith can hear our Captain calling from the heavens,
“Courage, brother, I have overcome for you,
Fear not! I am with you, I will never fail you,
Trusting in my promise, you shall conquer too.”

We are led by One who never lost a battle,
And our adversary is a conquered foe;
We are more than conqu’rors, thro’ our Captain’s triumph;
Let us shout the vict’ry as we onward go.

Let us take the vict’ry, over Satan’s kingdom,
Over sickness, sorrow, self and sin;
Let us bear the banner, o’er the lands of darkness
Till the foes’ last stronghold we for Christ shall win.