Theres A Battle Raging Over The Land And

There’s a battle raging over the land and sea,
True to Christ our captain we will be;
Satan’s hosts are mighty, fighting for ruin and sin,
But in this great conflict right is sure to win.

Over the top for Jesus bravely we will go:
Over the top for Jesus, routing ev’ry foe,
Never delaying when we hear the bugle blow,
We’ll fight for right with all our might,
As over the top we go.

There’s a cry of sorrow rising from hearts oppressed,
There’s a world in sadness and unrest;
But the hope that thrills us, looking out into the night,
Christ, the Lord of battles, leads me in the fight. [Refrain]

When the pow’rs of earth before our Redeemer shall kneel,
When the joy of triumph we shall feel;
Then with Christ who conquered, into the realms of the blest,
We shall march in vic’try to eternal rest. [Refrain]