Theres A Beautiful Blossom Called Pity

There’s a beautiful blossom called Pity,
And it grew in a heavenly clime;
But it bloomed in the lifetime of Jesus,
On the sorrowful lowlands of time.

O, beautiful blossom of Pity!
A flower from a heavenly clime!
Transplanted from yonder bright city,
It grows in the lowlands of time.

In His love and His pity He sought us,
The Redeemer and lover of all;
And He found us and bought us for Heaven,
And He helpeth us now when we call. [Refrain]

See the multitude thronging around Him!
See His beautiful pitying love
Flowing forth in His marvels of healing,
Shedding perfume from Heaven above. [Refrain]

And today there are tender hearts caring
For the sick ones in every clime;
‘Tis the seed from the blossom of Pity,
Taking root in the lowlands of time. [Refrain]