Theres A Beautiful City It May Be Quite

There’s a beautiful city, it may be quite near,
Where never a shadow nor cloud doth appear,
‘Tis a vision of splendor most radiant bright,
The home of the blessed where dwelleth no night.

O yes, there’s a city, a beautiful city,
Where walk our beloved in garments of white,
Where Jesus our Saviour is waiting to greet us,
For we shall be with Him where dwelleth no night.

In the sunshine of glory no winter can bide,
There’s summer and gladness just over the tide,
For the joy of His presence fills heaven with light,
And crowns the dear city where dwelleth no night. [Refrain]

Through His grace we shall see Him, the One we love best,
The spirit’s deep longings forever at rest;
With the praises of angels our voices unite,
In God’s holy city where dwelleth no night. [Refrain]