Theres A Beautiful City Of Palaces

There’s a beautiful city of palaces bright,
Where there nevermore falleth the shadows of night,
And it needeth no sun, for the Lamb is the light,
Jerusalem, golden and fair.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Jerusalem, golden and fair,
‘Mid earth’s busy thronging my heart is oft longing,
Thy rest and thy glories to share.

It is builded for all of the blood-washed and pure,
For the faithful who unto the end shall endure;
‘Tis the word of our God, and His promise is sure,
Jerusalem, golden and fair. [Chorus]

Never sorrow or sighing shall enter therein,
Never sickness or dying, or any more sin;
Thy inhabitants never shall weary again,
Jerusalem, golden and fair. [Chorus]

Just a few fleeting years and my race will be run;
Just a little more toil and my life’s work is done;
There I hope me to rest at the setting of sun,
Jerusalem, golden and fair. [Chorus]