Theres A Beautiful Home In That City Bri

There’s a beautiful home in that city bright and fair,
How I long its glories to see;
In that home of the soul spotless robes we all shall wear,
There with Christ and the saints we shall be.

O, the home of the soul
How I long to be there,
And its glories behold,
Beautiful city bright and fair.

Here our stay is but transient, we soon shall pass away,
To that home that ever shall stand;
o, the glory that waits those who reach the land of day,
Where we’ll all join the bright angel’s band. [Refrain]

In that city of gold we shall meet our friends again,
Who have crossed death dark silent tide;
In the morning of joy we’ll all sing the glad refrain,
In that home of the soul we’ll abide. [Refrain]

O, the day of His coming is drawing very near,
And we’ll meet our King in the air,
Then the saved ones shall pass from all trials and troubles here,
To those mansions He’s gone to prepare. [Refrain]