Theres A Beautiful Land Far Away Where N

There’s a beautiful land far away,
Where no trouble or storms ever come,
Where the straying shall nevermore stray,
And the homeless shall find a sweet home.

Oh, that beautiful world far away, far away,
Where no sorrow or death ever come;
Oh, when shall I see and rejoice in its day,
And be safe with my Savior at home.

In that beautiful world of repose,
Where the weary eternally rest,
Where the voice of oppressors and foes
Never reaches the home of the blest. [Chorus]

Neither sorrow nor sighing are there,
Nor are hearts ever burden’d with fears;
There none utter the wait of despair,
Nor are eyes ever blinded with tears. [Chorus]

‘Tis a world of perennial day,
Unobscured by the shadows of night,
Where no cloud ever covers a ray
From the face of the Father of light. [Chorus]

‘Tis the home of our fathers and God,
And our glorified Savior is there;
And those ransom’d from earth by his blood
In his joy and his glory shall share. [Chorus]