Theres A Beautiful Land Far Beyond The S

There’s a beautiful land far beyond the sky,
And Jesus my Savior is there;
He has gone to prepare me a home on high;
Oh! how sweet it will be to be there.

In that beautiful land, beautiful land,
Where the angels, bright angels stand,
Shall we meet,
Shall we meet,
And dwell with the bright, happy band?

I have friends who have gone to that land on high,
They are free from sorrow and care,
And I hope I shall meet them above the sky;
Oh! I long, I long to be there. [Refrain]

Shall we meet in that beautiful land on high,
And be with the ransomed so fair,
Where the waters of life sweetly murmur by?
Oh! how sweet it will be to be there. [Refrain]