Theres A Beautiful Land In The Somewhere

There’s a beautiful land in the somewhere of God,
Where His children shall dwell evermore;
Free from sorrow and pain, they shall gather again,
And no shadows e’er fall on the shore.

In the somewhere of God, by and by,
Where the Saviour His loved ones shall bring,
Where no shadows e’er darken the sky,
I shall look on the face of my king.

There the anthems of praise, like the sound of the sea,
Never cease while the years onward roll;
There will be no more fears, no more dying, nor tears,
In that glorious home of the soul. [Refrain]

O how sweet it will be, free from sorrow and care,
On that shore where the sun ne’er goes down;
When our Saviour we meet, and with rapture complete,
WE receive from His hand a bright crown. [Refrain]