Theres A Beautiful Land That No Mortal H

There’s a beautiful land that no mortal hath seen,
For it lieth afar from our sight;-
But we know that its hills are eternally green,
And its rivers are rivers of light.

O beautiful, beautiful land!
O land where all sorrow shall cease,
Where the soul, satisfied,
Evermore shall abide
By this fair, shining river of peace!

‘Tis a wonderful land, for it knoweth no night,
And its brightness is dimmed by no pain;
For the blessed who dwell ‘mid the regions of light
Shall never know sorrow again. [Refrain]

There the songs of redeemed ones for ever arise,
And the King in His beauty they see;
O beautiful land, with thy shadowless skies,
My weary heart yearneth for thee. [Refrain]