Theres A Beautiful Lighthouse Way Over T

There’s a beautiful light-house ‘way over the main,
And the bright beaming light you now see
Is Jesus, His love is now pointing the way,
Come, sailor, He’s waiting for thee.

Steer for the light, sailor, steer for the light,
To the oar bravely bend and be bold;
O steer for the light, sailor, steer for the light,
That beams from the shores of pure gold.

O’er the beautiful river with waters so deep,
Bright angels are watching the shore,
The lighthouse stands firm and the storms never sweep,
For Jesus has entered before. [Refrain]

See, there from its height waves the banner of love,
All studded with stars bright and free,
And the echo comes, list! I’ve been saved from the wreck,
By the light that’s now beaming for thee. [Refrain]

For that haven of rest, weary sailor now steer,
Or perish on life’s stormy sea,
Fix your eyes on that light and His voice you shall hear,
“Come, sailor, I’m waiting for thee.” [Refrain]