Theres A Beautiful River Of Water So Pur

There’s a beautiful river of water so pure,
That flows thro’ the city of God;
And oft in my visions its light have I seen,
And longed for that happy abode.

The water of life-so pure water of life,
Freely flowing for you and for me!
Will you come, sinner, come? Oh, stay not away,
For Jesus is waiting for thee.

Hear the strains of redeemed ones float over that stream,
As gladly it ripples along;
Oh, list to the music to catch the sweet notes
And join in that heavenly song. [Refrain]

Come and drink of that water and thirst never more,
Oh, why will you longer delay;
Your Savior invites, and how sweet is the voice!
That calls to you, sinner, today. [Refrain]