Theres A Beautiful Valley Of Peace Breck

There’s a beautiful valley of peace,
Where the heart of the weary may rest;
Where tumult of trials may cease,
And those who are burdened be blest.

In the valley of peace, the valley of peace,
In the beautiful valley of peace,
My Saviour is there ev’ry burden to bear,
In the beautiful valley of peace.

In that beautiful valley I know
Wild clamor is hushed into calm;
And, walking where still waters flow,
The sorrowing soul findeth balm. [Refrain]

In the valley of peace I may hide,
Where strifes of the world cannot mar,
And there I will follow my Guide,
My Hope and my glorious Star; [Refrain]

In the valley of peace let me roam
With Jesus, my “Staff” and my “Rod,”
Till I come to my heavenly home,
Whose builder and maker is God. [Refrain]