Theres A Beautiful Wonderful Story

There’s a beautiful, wonderful story,
So gracious and tenderly true;
My soul overfloweth with glory,
While telling the story to you.

O beautiful, wonderful story,
Our Savior on Calv’ry was slain;
O beautiful, wonderful story,
Our Savior is coming again.

Our dear Savior, his glory forsaking
To suffer for you and for me,
Our sins in his own body taking,
Redeemed us, and now we are free. [Refrain]

All his chosen disciples denied him;
For fear, they forsook him and fled;
His enemies then crucified him,
They buried our Lord with the dead. [Refrain]

But death and its gloom he hath banished,
Before his great love they have fled;
Our fears in his light have all vanished,
For Jesus arose from the dead. [Refrain]