Theres A Better Land Where The Streets O

There’s a better land where the streets of gold
Lie beside Life’s River fair;
Eye hath never seen, tongue hath never told,
All the joys that await us there.

O the homeland, blessed homeland,
Where our Saviour we soon shall behold,
And forever be from all sin set free,
In the land of the streets of gold.

We shall rest from toil and from care be free;
Former things shall pass away;
There no shadows fall, neither night shall be
In that land of eternal day. [Refrain]

O what rapturous joy shall His loved ones know,
As they gather ’round His throne;
Having washed their garments as white as snow
In the blood He shed for His own. [Refrain]

There shall be no sickness, no grief, nor fears,
In that shining, bright abode;
From His children’s eyes are the falling tears
Wiped away by the hand of God. [Refrain]