Theres A Blessed Day Coming

There’s a blessed day coming,
Oh, the glad time draws near;
When the King in his beauty,
To his own will appear;
Unto those who await him,
Full salvation he’ll bring;
When he sets up his kingdom,
How his people will sing.

Will you join in the song
Of the glorified throng?
In the day of salvation
Will you join in the song?

At the feet of the Savior,
Ev’ry knee then shall bow;
Would you share in his glory,
Oh, then come to him now,
Leave the world and its pleasures,
Counting all things but loss;
For the crown of rejoicing,
When you lay down the cross. [Chorus]

There’ll be weeping and wailing,
There’ll be hopeless despair;
In the ranks of the faithless,
Who the joy cannot share;
As redeem’d of all nations,
Shall take up the glad strain;
“Unto him who hath loved us
Be the glory, Amen.” [Chorus]