Theres A Blessed Story All Should Hear

There’s a blessed story all should hear,
‘Tis a story ever sweet,
Others long to know this message dear,
Gladly then the news repeat;
Ev’rywhere are lives that need a friend,
Those who long for peace and rest,
You can speak the word which these souls have never heard,
You can tell the story that is best.

Tell out the story sweet,
Blessed gospel story,
News of His love repeat,
Matchless love;
Joy to all hearts’ ’twill bring,
Best and truest story,
Till you behold the King
In realms above.

‘Tis salvation’s story, best of all,
Never shall its truth decay,
Changeless, tho’ earth’s kingdoms rise and fall,
Dearer with each passing day;
Telling of the Saviour’s wondrous love,
Winning men from sin and wrong,
‘Tis a story sweet which He asks you to repeat.
Always tell it as you go along. [Refrain]

Tell the dear old story as you go,
Many need this Friend divine,
Tell it as you journey to and fro,
Others for this message pine;
‘Tis the gospel story all should hear,
Joy and comfort ’twill impart,
Words so glad and sweet which to others you repeat,
Bring a blessing to each list’ning heart. [Refrain]