Theres A Blessed Sweet Old Story

There’s a blessed, sweet old story
That dear mother used to tell,
Of a land of bliss and glory,
Where the saints and angels dwell,
Where God’s children rest forever
In a bright and happy home,
Where the ties of love ne’er sever,
And from which we’ll never roam.

O that dear old story, that precious story,
That sweet old story that my mother used to tell;
O that blessed story, that blessed story,
That blessed olden story that my mother loved so well.

In that land without a sorrow
My dear mother lives today;
I must wait a little longer,
For the Master bids me stay;
Then on wings of joy and gladness
To that blessed home I’ll fly,
And rejoin my sainted mother
In the Father’s home on high. [Chorus]

O how sweet will be the meeting
When life’s cares and toils are o’er,
And we hear the Savior’s greeting
On the bright, celestial shore,
“Well done, good and faithful servant,
Welcome to the home on high,
Where no sorrow ever enters,
And God’s children never die.” [Chorus]

Then I’ll thank my sainted mother
That she taught me how to pray
To the ever-blessed Savior
Who has kept me all the way;
And the praise of that dear Savior
Shall my heart and tongue employ,
With the ransomed host forever
In the realms of light and joy. [Chorus]