Theres A Book Divine By Our Fathers Giv

There’s a Book divine by our Father giv’n,
‘Tis the Word of God most high;
It will prove a guide on the way to heav’n;
Teach us how to live and die.

This good old Book is for all,
This good old Book is for all,
Each page doth shine, with a light divine,
This good old Book is for all.

‘Tis the Bread of life to each hungry soul,
Living water full and free;
Blessed wine of wealth both for youth and age,
Chart and compass o’er life’s sea! [Refrain]

There’s a Book divine, let us heed it well,
Ev’ry promise shines like gold;
When the troubled waves toss our little bark,
‘Tis an anchor sure to hold! [Refrain]