Theres A Book That Is Written

There’s a book that is written, designed by His hand,
Presented by God from above;
And I know that it tells of a beautiful land,
Prepared by His infinite love.

O it tells of a city so bright, so fair,
Where saints of all ages have trod;
And I’ve read there is nothing
But happiness there,
In the beautiful city of God.

There is never a sorrow, an ache, nor a pain,
Though oft it appears like a dream;
And the sun never sets over hill and o’er plain,
And Jesus the King is supreme. [Refrain]

All the riches of earth will not buy my way in,
For guilt ever lurks in my soul;
I’ll accept the great ransom once offered for sin,
And start for the heavenly goal. [Refrain]

Every cloud wears a rainbow of heavenly hue,
His smile I’m beginning to know;
He walks with me, talks with me all the day thro’,
And O how I do love Him so. [Refrain]