Theres A Bright And Golden Light

There’s a bright and Golden Light,
That is shining on our way,
And it cometh from above.
‘Tis the precious light of truth,
That will lead to endless day;
‘Tis the light of a Saviour’s love.

Golden light, shine on,
Shine on us from above,
And brighten up the way,
That will lead to endless day,
With the light of a Saviour’s love.

‘Tis the light that led me up,
From the darkness of my sin,
To the glorious light of day;
‘Tis the light that fills my soul,
And makes peace and joy within;
From this light I shall never stray. [Refrain]

‘Tis the light that guides me on,
O’er the rugged paths of life,
Up the weary hills of time;
Thro’ the troubles and the care,
Thro’ the conflict and the strife,
This light shall be evermore. [Refrain]

If we trust the Saviour’s voice,
And obey His blest command,
He will guide us home above;
There the Golden Light will shine,
Ever in that happy land;
It will be His own precious love. [Refrain]