Theres A Brighter Side To Trouble

There’s a brighter side to trouble, and a sweeter song to life,
Since the blessed Saviour came into my heart;
There’s a peace, that calm and steadfast, smooths the stormy waves of strife;
Since in Jesus I have found the better part.

O there’s joy, a wonderful joy divine,
Since He came into my heart,
Since He came into my heart;
Bless the Lord, this wonderful joy is mine,
Since the Saviour came into my heart.

There’s a love that passeth knowledge, everlasting, full and free,
And it lights with holy radiance ev’ry hour;
Since His Spirit, dwelling in me, proves His saving love to me,
I will triumph in His great, victorious pow’r. [Refrain]

I have turned from broken cisterns to the springs that never fail,
To the fountain cleansing ev’ry sin away;
Tho’ the hosts of sin assail me, grace will evermore prevail,
Till I see His glory in the “crowing day.” [Refrain]