Theres A Call Comes Ringing Throughout

There’s a call comes ringing thro’out earth’s domain,
From the Christ of Calv’ry who was for us slain;
He wants loyal soldiers who will fight ‘gainst sin,
In this world of conflict and vict’ry win.

Forward press with Jesus’ banner wide unfurled;
We’ll lift the cross, to all this ruined world;
Soon the days of warfare will be o’er,
Then He will welcome us to yonder shore.

Win the war ‘gainst Satan, counting not the cost;
Christ is our commander, and He knows no loss;
Come, enlist for service; whether great or small,
In the ranks of battle there’s a place for all. [Chorus]

Soon we’ll come rejoicing with the blood-washed throng,
with the hosts in heaven sing the victor’s song;
See the fore retreating! we’ll the vict’ry win,
We can surely triumph o’er the pow’rs of sin. [Chorus]