Theres A Call For Soldiers True

There’s a call for soldiers true,-
Soldiers with hearts that dare
To gird on their armor for the fray
And march beneath His care.
Hear the call that is ringing far
Over the land and sea,
The paths they go to fight the foe
Lead on to victory.

To victory, to victory,
The brave are marching on at His command;
To win the fight for truth and right,
They come from ev’ry land.
To victory, to victory,
He’ll lead them all the way,
Till wars shall cease and joy and peace
Shall bring the perfect day.

On they march with armor bright,
Ready to do or die,
Still trusting in Him who guides aright,
With foe and danger nigh.
hear the orders He gives to all,
Knowing they will obey,
While on and on they bravely go
To that victorious day. [Chorus]

True to Him, their Savior King,
Valiant unto the end,
While over the world glad songs will ring,
His vict’ry to defend.,
Hear their voices in words of praise,
Ready to meet the foe;
To save the world from sin and strife
To vict’ry on they go. [Chorus]