Theres A Call From The Heart Of The Savi

There’s a call from the heart of the Savior,
It is tenderly speaking to thee:
“Come back to the love that is waiting,
To the love that is boundless and free.”

List, on the air it is falling,
The call of a love that is free;
Like the voice of a bell it is calling,
And the message it speaks is for thee.

There’s a call from the sweet dreams of childhood,
There’s the call of a fond mother’s prayer:
“Come back from the years of thy straying,
From the road that will lead to despair.” [Refrain]

There’s a call from the depths of thy being,
From the God-given spirit within;
Wilt thou not, then, be true to its pleading
And return from the pathway of sin? [Refrain]

There’s a call from the dear ones in glory,
There’s the call to a home with the blest;
Come, trust in the wonderful promise
Of a place in the Mansion of Rest! [Refrain]