Theres A City Bright And Golden

There’s a city, bright and golden,
Builded by a Father’s hand,
And I hear sweet angel music,
Floating from that heavenly land;
Softly now the sweet, low chanting,
Cometh o’er the shining way,
To the harp’s harmonious music,
God shall wipe all tears away.

In that city, bright and golden,
Jesus is the life and light;
We shall see his face forever,
We shall know no sin nor night;
Still the golden harps are ringing,
O’er the city, pure and bright,
Chiming with the sweet, low singing,
Singing, there shall be no night.

In that city, bright and golden,
Sweetest anthems shall we sing,
Casting down our crowns before him,
In the palace of the King;
Louder, fuller swell the anthems,
Sweet the glad harps ring again,
Unto Him who bought our pardon,
Glory, honor be, amen.