Theres A City Coming Down From Heaven Ab

There’s a City coming down from heaven above,
Adorned as a bride for the Bridegroom she loved;
Shining with diamonds and jewels so fair,
Oh, the glories we ever can share.

Jesus is coming in glory again,
Coming in power and love to reign;
Won’t it be wonderful? how we shall sing,
Hallelujahs to our King.

There’s a river flowing thru that City so fair,
And flowers are blooming, their fragrance is rare;
We will be happy up there all the time,
With our Saviour, Redeemer divine. [Chorus]

Oh, glory be to God, He’s coming again,
He’s coming as King, and with Him we shall reign;
He says, look up, your redemption is nigh,
Soon we’ll meet Him far up in the sky. [Chorus]

I am ready now to go with Him any time,
I’m ready to live in that City sublime;
I want to see Him and live in His light,
In that country where never comes night. [Chorus]