Theres A City Foursquare In The Heavens

There’s a city “Four-square” in the heavens,
And they call it the city of rest;
On two sides-north and south each are face,
And the other two face east and west.

O that beautiful city “Four square!”
There are gateways for all to enter there;
From the north and from the south, from the east and from the west,
There’s a welcome to the city of rest.

On each side are three gates always open,
One for each of the twelve tribes of old;
So all we who are heirs to the promise
Have a right to that city of gold. [Refrain]

To that city “Four-square” in the heavens,
Jesus Christ on the Cross paid my way;
So I’ll ask all the world to go with me,
Those twelve gates are not closed night or day. [Refrain]