Theres A City Of Dreams Through The Mist

There’s a City of Dreams, thro’ the mist sends its gleams
Of sapphire and jasper and gold,
And they fall thro’ the gray o’er a travel-worn way,
In beauty that cannot be told.

O the City of Dreams that so near to me seems,
Where rest comes when toiling is done!
O the City foursquare, beyond earthly compare,
The City that needs not the sun!

There are times when it seems this fair City of Dreams,
So close that its song I can hear;
And the things of my sight seem to fade into night,
As visions of glory appear. [Refrain]

O my soul, be thou strong, for the way is not long,-
I follow the beckoning gleams,
For the way is not long as I list to the song,
And press tow’rd the City of Dreams. [Refrain]