Theres A City Of Jasper Of Pearl

There’s a city of jasper, of pearl and of gold,
Where sighing and sadness shall nevermore be;
Where glorious visions of rapture unfold,
And that is the city I’m hoping to see.

Oh, that beautiful, beautiful city…
The home that’s prepared for the blest;
Where those who are faithful in serving the Master,
Shall thro’ all eternity rest.

There’s a faraway haven of joy and of peace;
Secure from the dangers of breaker and beach;
Where the rage of life’s dark, angry waters shall cease;
And that is the haven I’m striving to reach. [Refrain]

There are loved ones and friends who have passed on before,
Their labors are ended, their journey complete;
And their rest shall be sweet on that verdure clad shore,
And they are the friends I am hoping to meet. [Refrain]

There’s a crown of rejoicing so glorious and bright,
For each who the Master’s cross meekly shall bear,
And its rare gems of beauty our eyes shall delight;
Oh! that is the crown I am longing to wear. [Refrain]