Theres A City Shining White

There’s a city, shining white,
Built upon the plains of light,
‘Tis the palace of the King bright and fair;
Grief and pain shall pass away,
In that place of perfect day,
Sin and sorrow cannot enter there.

Over there,
Over there,
In the land of endless joy where the angels sing;
Over there,
Over there,
In the glorious palace of the King.

When I reach the golden gate
Leading to this grand estate,
Opened wide by angel hands it will be;
I shall enter into rest,
With the happy and the blest,
‘Mid their glorious songs of victory. [Refrain]

There my Saviour I shall see,
In His holy likeness be;
Garments whiter than the snow I shall wear;
I shall sing the glad new song,
With the countless, ransomed throng;
In the glory of my Lord I’ll share. [Refrain]