Theres A Clear Fountain Flowing

There’s a clear fountain flowing
From the bright throne above,
And its waters are glowing
With the sunshine of love;
Take the blest consolation,
Which the Lord will bestow,
Take the cup of salvation –
Let the joy overflow.

O the joy!
With this wondrous salvation
Be our hearts all aglow;
O the joy!
Let the blessing run over,
And joy overflow.

Many hearts need the story-
Are athirst for His grace;
Go to them with His glory
Shining out from your face;
Tell of Jesus your Savior!
If His mercies you know,
Show the light of His favor-
Let the joy overflow. [Chorus]

Be our lives freely yielded
To the Savior’s command;
By His care ever shielded
And upheld by His hand;
In the pathways of sadness,
Sweetest lilies may grow;
Let us sow seeds of gladness-
Let the joy overflow. [Chorus]