Theres A Conflict On Will We Stand The T

“There’s a conflict on-will we stand the test?
‘In service for Christ,’ let us do our best;
With the Lord of Hosts as our strength and mighty,
Let us ne’er retreat-keep up the fight.”

“Onward, ever onward, trusting day by day,
Ours shall be the vict’ry, for Jesus leads the way;
Onward, ever onward, there’s a fight for us to win,
The world shall soon be conquer’d from the hosts of sin.

“For His glorious cause we will live or die;
‘In service for Christ,’ is the battle cry;
We can never lose for our cause is right,
Let us forward go-keep up the fight.” [Refrain]

“Till the vict’ry’s won and the crown’s in view,
‘In service for Christ,’ ring the watchword true;
We will look by faith for the dawning light,
Hold the cross on high-keep up the fight.” [Refrain]