Theres A Peace That You May Know

There’s a peace that you may know
In this world of sin and woe;
Tho’ your day be dark and long,
You can cheer it with a song
When you know that Jesus smiles upon you.

Oh the light of His smile
Makes our life worth while;
So, whatever betide,
Let our faith abide,
For there’s nothing so sweet,
Making life complete,
As the light of a smile from Jesus.

There’s a joy that you may know
And your soul with love may glow
Till it lightens up the way
For a wanderer astray,
When you know that Jesus smiles upon you. [Refrain]

There’s a rapture you may know,
When to that bright world you go
Bearing precious golden sheaves,
And not faded, withered leaves,
For you’ll see your Savior smile upon you. [Refrain]