Theres An Anchor For The Soul

There’s an anchor for the soul,
Ever firm, ever sure;
Storms may beat and tempests roar,
But it shall endure:
Precious hope of endless life,
Glowing radiantly clear
Till the glories of the heav’nly land appear.

Blessed hope that keeps the soul
Safe from harm tho’ billows roll!
‘Tis fastened firm within the vail,
No storms against it can prevail,
Blessed hope that keeps the soul.

For the anchor of the soul
Ever steadfast and true,
Taking hold on things divine
That are hid from view,
Is the hope of glory bright
Which the Saviour has giv’n,
Hope that we may rest in peace with Him in heav’n. [Refrain]

And our lives fill’d with peace,
As, still hoping, we wait
For the parting of the vail
And the open gate;
Hope can lighten all the dark
Till the night flies away;
Firmly anchored we wait patiently for day. [Refrain]