Theres An Anthem Ever Ringing

There’s an anthem ever ringing
In the mansions bright above;
Grandest them of all our singing:
Jesus and his boundless love.

Sing, O sing the blessed story!
Earth shall echo with its glory;
Sweetly sing the blessed story:
Jesus and his boundless love.

Mourning hearts in homes of sorrow,
Weary feet in paths of pain,
Joy will find again tomorrow
When they hear the blessed strain. [Chorus]

Far in paths of sin and sadness
Tho’ his wayward children roam,
They will hear our song of gladness,
Seek again their Father’s home. [Chorus]

Sweetly sing the grand old story,
Sound the tidings o’er and o’er;
It will fill the world with glory
As it spreads from shore to shore. [Chorus]