Theres An Awful Day Of Trouble

There’s an awful day of trouble such as men have never known,
When God shall call the nations to judgment at his throne,
And when that day shall come, the saints will lift their heads and cry,
For him we’ve long been waiting, but his coming draweth nigh.

Oh, the coming of the Lord, oh, the coming of the Lord,
Oh, the coming of the Lord draweth nigh,
When this world shall be on fire,
And the dead shall rise again,
Oh, the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

How oft we’ve asked each other, “I wonder when he’ll come;
I get so tired waiting, I’m sure it can’t be long:
For angels said he’d come again the day he went on high;
And Jesus said, ‘Keep watching, for my coming draweth nigh.'” [Chorus]

It may be in the evening, or it may be early dawn,
Or at the midnight hour when the Lord again shall come;
So let us then be ready all to meet him in the sky,
Like faithful servants waiting, for his coming draweth nigh. [Chorus]

How awful for the wicked when that day at last shall come,
And God shall call both great and small to meet the final doom,
Then to the rocks and mountains they’ll make a piteous cry,
To hide them from his presence; lo, his coming draweth nigh. [Chorus]